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The Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority Updates and Progress Reports are listed below.

January 29, 2021

Executive Summary and 180 Day Update Report
On July 1, 2020, OCDC took over operation of the Oklahoma County Jail. The safety of Oklahoma County is our top priority. Now, six months into the operation of the jail, this report will provide an update. When it comes to the population of the facility, OCDC relies on the public safety determinations of the D.A.’s office and district judges, and we defer to the D.A.’s office and district judges in that regard. Where the District Attorney has charged a person with a crime and the district court has entered an order requiring that person to be detained at OCDC, we defer to those determinations. Further, it is a court order, and we are required to comply with it. In any event, we certainly cooperate with the public safety determinations by the D.A.’s office and district judges.

The OCDC population is also driven by detainees who have been convicted in district court and sentenced, but for which there is no cell at the Department of Corrections. We work with the Department of Corrections to move detainees into their custody as soon as possible, but the DOC is limited in how many they can accept at any given time. Click to read more...