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Visitation Rules

Visitation Dress Code All Visitors entering the Oklahoma County Sheriff Office, must keep in mind that this is a professional Establishment, and that proper attire is required. Visitation is a Privilege The following are dress and appearance standards for visitors (including children);

  • All visitors shall observe good habits of grooming and personal hygiene.
  • Appropriate undergarments will be worn.
  • Shoes will be worn at all times by all visitors including children.
  • Shirts and blouses will not be made of sheer or see through material.
  • Blouses may not expose any part of the chest, cleavage, or undergarments.
  • Tight fitting clothing will not be allowed, including leggings or exercise, attire. Glove, coats, jacket, hats, caps, or other head covering (except head covering worn for religious purposes) will not be allowed beyond the lobby area.
  • Hoodies are discouraged and are considered sweaters, therefore will need to be removed to make sure that the covered clothing is appropriate and in good repairs.
  • Midriff, strapless, muscle shirts”, tube tops, Halter tops, tanks tops, sleeves, shirts, or underclothing worn as outer garments are not allowed. Clothing items displaying logos, slogans, pictures, or messages with derogatory or offensive ethnic, racial, sexual gender specific, gang, or gang affiliation, political themes or advertisements for beer, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs are strictly prohibited.
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts shall be no shorter than (3) inches above the knee when seated including slits in skirts.


  • You are allowed one child per adult visitors under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • All visitors calling to set up a visit, can only make it for the person that is visiting and if you need to add someone you will need to do so on the first initial call, Smoking paraphernalia, lighters, purses, bags, weapons, cell phones, papers fingernail clippers, lip gloss, tools, etc. of any kind are not allowed. These are considered contraband. Leave them in your vehicle.
  • Wallets and keys are the only items allowed in the building. Excessive items on key-rings/key-chain, will not be allowed and will be requested to be taken back to the car.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the visitation room.
  • All visitors will refrain from any harassment or profanity toward any detention staff, if violated will result in suspension of visitation privilege.

For information regarding online registration for visitation, call: 405-713-2015